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Welcome to Lansdowne Children's Centre

During the Stay-at-Home order issued by the Provincial Government, in-person services continue to be limited to essential visits.  Virtual services will continue as scheduled, or in-person visits may be switched to virtual services.  If you need to cancel any in-person visit or virtual visit scheduled, please contact your service provider or our receptionist at 519-753-3153 ext. 260.  You will be contacted directly if any session is cancelled or changed by Lansdowne. Lansdowne has many protocols in place, including updated screening to keep everyone safe.

Our Vision

Realizing optimal potential for children and youth.

Our Mission

Supporting children and youth with physical, developmental or communication needs, and their families.


Within the supportive context of the clients life and committed to safe, accessible and accountable teamwork, our values are: Respect, Inclusion, Diversity and Empowerment [RIDE]

Strategic Directions

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Video Transcript

Words spoken to us from mouths we were convinced we might never hear from.

Footsteps in the hall from feet we thought may never hit the floor on their own.

A newly discovered self that no longer sees the challenge, but can look beyond to the world that awaits on the other side.

We can persevere.

We can grow stronger.

We can outdo the limitations.

If we can devote ourselves to this passion; if we can stay true to this course and never accept that we’ve come as far as we can go…

We can create big miracles… Every day.

Ashley Jakovljevik – Occupational Therapist:

“Every day I see a little bit of magic in the kids who come in, and who I get to work with.”

Lansdowne Speech and Language Therapy programs help both assess and treat children with communication delays or disorders.

Our Occupational Therapy program assesses and treats to enable individuals to participate in day-to-day activities as independently as possible.

The Physiotherapy programs not only help treat children with physical difficulties, but provide strategies to the family, caregivers and clients to help improve function in other areas.


“We weren’t even sure if he was going to walk in the beginning, so as far as him walking is a crazy milestone.”

Our Autism Intervention Program helps children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and provides support for the transition from the Intensive Behavioural Intervention.

Bob Caissie – Great Northen Ride Founder:

“Being with Rotary Club, we were looking for ways to raise some money for children, and the Lansdowne Children’s Centre has proven to be a great spot for that — where they take care of families and their children.”

We offer Social Work, School Health Support, Developmental Paediatrics, Special Services at Home, In and out-of-Home Respite, Autism Respite, Infant and Child Development Program, Early Integration Program, and other specialized services.

Our recreation programs can offer opportunities for children to be included in community activities, learn and grow with other children, or just get away for a weekend at our Kids’ Country Inn. Our expertise supports the whole child and family with a sense of belonging.

Rita-Marie Hadley – Executive Director:

“It’s been fulfilling being here and seeing when children are able to reach goals.”

At Lansdowne, our values are Respect…



And Empowerment to allow our children to grow and overcome the challenges.

Lansdowne Children’s Centre. Creating their future… Together.


“We probably wouldn’t be here if they weren’t here.”