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Autism Intervention Program (AIP)

PLEASE NOTE: Programs are under construction as we transition to the new Ontario Autism Program (OAP). Please see the Ministry of Children Community & Social Services (MCCSS) website for the most up to date information.


January 15, 2018 update:

The new Independent Clinical Review (ICR) process for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) is now available.

The ICR offers families and their children the opportunity to have key components of their OAP Behaviour Plan reviewed by a team of independent Clinical Reviewers.

For more information on the ICR, please visit or

What is the Autism Intervention Program?

The Autism Intervention Program provides services for children who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and have been assessed and deemed eligible for Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI).

The program includes three components a) Child and Family Support Services for clients who have completed the eligibility assessment process and been deemed eligible for IBI, and are now on the chronological waitlist for IBI b) the provision of an individualized Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) program, with c) Transition Support Services available upon discharge from IBI.

The program is provided within Brant County by Lansdowne Children’s Centre. It is part of the Hamilton-Niagara Regional Autism Initiative (HNRAIP) who administers, supervises and provides clinical supervision for the four programs within their catchment area that includes: Brant, Haldimand-Norfolk, Hamilton, and Niagara.

Who is eligible for the Autism Intervention Program?

Children with a diagnosis of ASD are referred through Contact Brant to Lansdowne Children’s Centre. Contact Brant will complete an intake visit, and forward the referral information to Lansdowne.

Upon receipt of the referral Lansdowne initiates the eligibility assessment process that is completed by Hamilton-Niagara Regional Autism Initiative (HNRAIP). The child must go through the eligibility assessment process to determine if he/she meets the criteria and qualifies for the program. HNRAIP provides the eligibility decision via written correspondence to the parents and Lansdowne.

What can I expect?

Once written notification from HNRAIP is received stating the child is eligible for IBI, the child is placed on a chronological waitlist for IBI. The waitlist date is the date the referral was received at Lansdowne.

While on the waitlist, Child and Family Support Services are available that may involve parent education sessions, individual consultation, and child intervention groups.

When a child is offered a place in IBI, the programming will consist of intensive individual programming involving centre, home and community based sessions. Group intervention may occur as part of the program.

Transition Support Services are a resource to children and their families, the school, and community agencies to implement and coordinate a smooth transition from IBI.

For further information about the Autism Intervention Program or to initiate a referral, please contact:

Contact Brant

A Resource Coordinator will assist you with the referral process. Once completed, the referral is forwarded to Lansdowne Children’s Centre to initiate the eligibility assessment process for IBI. Referrals are received at Lansdowne through Central Intake.

McMaster Children's Hospital, in collaboration with Lansdowne Children's Centre, provide Autism Intervention Programs.