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Central Intake

What is Central Intake?

Central Intake at Lansdowne Children's Centre accepts and assists families and professionals in making referrals to access Lansdowne services. Central Intake will provide information about our agency, including who we serve and the types of services we offer. If we do not provide a requested service, Central Intake will direct families/professionals to the appropriate community agency for the service.

Who is eligible for Central Intake?

Anyone requiring information about Lansdowne Children's Centre services, wanting to make a referral to our services or wishing to inquire if a child/youth is eligible for Lansdowne services may contact Central Intake. Many programs require only a parent referral while some programs require particular documentation or specific criteria be met for eligibility. Central Intake will provide assistance in explaining the services required.

What can I expect?

Central Intake will outline the eligibility requirements, referral process and anticipated timelines for services or programs.

For further information, or to initiate a referral, please contact:

Central Intake
519-753-3153 ext. 206