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Your Donation in Action

By making a donation to the Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation, you’re giving children with special needs an opportunity to gain independence, confidence and realize their dreams. Your gift however will provide so much more than merely funding the cost of a much-needed piece of specialized equipment or special time away at a March Break or Respite Camp which can be financially draining on a family already coping with the extra costs associated with raising a child with special needs. Your gift can make a lasting impact.

Through your support, children and youth with special needs can have and enjoy opportunities to fully participate in everyday activities like any other kid. You’re giving our children and youth opportunity, hope, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Most importantly, your gift can help children and youth with special needs realize their full potential.

The Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation gratefully accepts donations that can be applied to the area of greatest need or designated to a specific program or service including;

  • CARE, Camp and Recreation Program – delivering engaging opportunities for children/youth to explore and experiment with the world around them, discover and participate in their community, and foster the development of new skills and build relationships.
  • Therapeutic Recreation – designed to support reaching individual goals in program divisions including Performing Arts, Healthy Living, Advocacy, Independent Life Activities, Visual Arts, and Overnight Retreats.
  • Every Kid Counts – community inclusion support program
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Capital Requirements & Endowment Fund

The Difference our Recreation Programs make in the lives of children/youth and their families…

“Because of my daughter’s health and physical issues, I can’t just drop her off at any program or class. But because of the TR team’s knowledge and experience, I can drop her off at the program there, and know she will be fully involved. As a mother of a child with multiple disabilities, it’s hard, or even next to impossible to find extra-curricular. There’s a lot of worry involved, will she feel left out, will they be kind to her, will she be able to access help when she needs it? I don’t have to worry when she goes to TR programs. To be able to have that…well, I can’t express how it feels to have the TR team in our corner.”

“My daughter is very calm when she returns home after program and this makes the evening bedtime routine a much more relaxed experience for everyone. She has grown in her confidence throughout the course of this program as well. New adventures have been made possible through her success and enjoyment of participation in the Fitness program.”

“The programs are excellent. My son really enjoyed participating in the activities in a supportive and inclusive environment. He was involved in the bucket drumming and the teen retreat this past year.”

“It is a very caring environment, I like the end goals of this program. It’s good for the kids to meet other kids with struggles and be active together. The programs are a safe environment for them to be themselves and not be judged. Learn new skills or improve on ones already learned.”

“She always comes home with a smile on her face, having spent an evening with people who treat her not as someone different, but like who she is.. a girl who loves to play just like any other.”

“The programs are a way for me and my peers to enjoy things like camps, sleepovers, dance classes, cooking classes and so much more. It gives every one of us a chance to learn new things and have lots of fun.”

“Yesterday was amazing, what a mood boost for (my child)!! Also, I caught the tail end of the zoom meeting. I got a little teary-eyed when she thank you, guys…That was totally unprompted and spontaneous, so that was a pretty huge deal!”

“When we first signed up for the recreation program, we did not know that it would become a regular social highlight, the most anticipated summer camp, and clearly the most beneficial thing we could do help our daughter improve her social well-being.”

Please feel free to contact Angee Turnbull, Executive Director at 519.753.3153 extension 221 or Candace Kingyens, Senior Development Officer, 519-753-3153 ext 245 to discuss your gift.

The Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation gratefully accepts donations that can be applied to the area of greatest need or designated to a specific program. Donations of $20.00 or more are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt.