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Holistic Integrated Teams

What are Holistic Integrated Teams?

A child and family needing multiple services will be supported via a ‘team’ model across the many professionals on our staff. This means you will benefit from joint evaluation by more than one service provider during your child’s play-based assessment, which helps us understand your child and family needs.  Our Holistic Integrated Teams help you decide goals that are a priority for your child and family, recommend strategies based on your child/family interests and connect you to appropriate community resources. Having a single plan of care including team-based treatment options can streamline services which may decrease wait times for separate services and provide a more coordinated (holistic) approach to individual child & family needs and strengths.

Holistic Integrated Teams are lined up with geographic divisions in Brant and Brant county with dedicated staff trained to work together to serve that area’s families.  Our staff also work within a ‘team’ model in partnership with services in Haldimand and Norfolk counties.