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Foundation Board Of Directors

Building a Strong Foundation

I am pleased to be the new chair of the Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation Board of Directors, a group of twelve volunteers committed to the success of Lansdowne Children's Centre - in other words to help children and youth with special needs reach their potential. The Foundation does this by helping raise the Centre's profile and in so doing making a connection to supporters.

This year the Foundation Board took a planful approach to the next five years to achieve this success. A new strategic plan steers us toward a higher profile for the Centre. As we work to increase brand awareness and understanding we will also make it easier for donors to give, hopefully broadening our donor base and ultimately ensuring adequate resources. This includes helping the Centre plan for its space needs.

While we work to realize this outcome, everyday work of the Foundation continues, securing funds to support Centre needs beyond government funding, especially recreation and camp programming. Key among them is our inclusive EVERY KID COUNTS recreation program. Over the last eleven years this award-winning program has helped hundreds of children with special needs enjoy the freedom of choice and the joy of inclusion. It lets children and youth with special needs participate in the “mainstream” community programme of their choice. They enroll and donations allow us to make that wish a reality by providing a Support Worker to help a child be like any other participant. This builds self-esteem, physical and mental well-being and most importantly, a sense of belonging. It is so gratifying when supporters see this benefit and make a donation to make this possible.

To see firsthand what Lansdowne Children's Centre and EVERY KID COUNTS offer - see our YouTube video by searching Lansdowne Children's Centre.

A key engine of our work is the Foundation Board to which we welcomed Matt Smith, Leslie Cox, Robyn Verbuyst and David Neely as new Directors at our last Annual General Meeting. We look forward to their insights and thank departing Board members Larry Kings, Bernard Neziol -past Chair, and Dennis Toll, who also previously chaired both the Centre and Foundation Boards during involvement spanning 30 years.

Thank you for what you do to support Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation.

Patrice Burke, Chair
Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation Board

Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation Board 2013-2014


David Neely
Mike DeBruyn
Past President
Robyn Verbuyst
Robert Storoschuk
Leslie Buffington-Cox
Laurie-Beth Russell
Hugh Devereux

Sarah Disher-Neddow

Mandy English

Dominic Leung

Geoff Nelson

Marion McGeein

Patrice Burke

Marc Lazenby

Rita-Marie Hadley
Executive Director