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Occupational Therapy (OT)

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with children and their families to help improve skills and participation in day to day activities.  These activities may include feeding, self-care, playing, and school skills such as printing or cutting with scissors.  OTs also help when kids are having difficulty getting themselves calm, alert, and ready to learn, play, or interact with others.

Who is eligible for Occupational Therapy?

Reason for Referral Haldimand Norfolk 0-SK Haldimand Norfolk gr. 1+ Brant 0-SK Brant gr. 1-3 Brant gr. 4+
Play Skills, Hand Skills, Grasp, Printing Skills YES NO Refer to SBRS YES YES NO Refer to SBRS
Bathing, Positioning, Equipment, Home accessibility YES NO Refer to LHIN
YES NO Refer to LHIN
NO Refer to LHIN
Sensory, Processing Skills, Self-Regulation Skills YES NO Refer to SBRS YES YES if home based concerns NO if school based concerns Refer to SBRS YES if home based concerns NO if school based concerns Refer to SBRS
Outpatient Rehab Post Injury or Illness YES YES YES YES YES

SBRS = School Based Rehabilitation Services

LHIN = Local Health Integration Network

What can I expect?

Once a referral to Outpatient Occupational Therapy has been completed your child will be placed on an assessment waitlist.  When your child’s name gets to the top of the list you will be contacted to book a first appointment.  Often you will be asked questions over the telephone to provide your therapist with updated information and ensure your OT is aware of your child’s strengths and interests as well as areas of need.  Your first appointment may be a face to face assessment with your therapist or your team (for children requesting multiple services), or an observation in a natural setting.  The type of assessment depends on the main concerns and the reason for the referral and is determined by your therapist.  When your child has a face to face assessment, the OT will let you know the results of the testing and the recommended therapy plan as soon as possible after the testing, in many cases at the end of the assessment appointment.  When a child begins with an observation there are often additional individual or small group meetings with the parent and child and parent questionnaires that are completed over a short period of time.  Then the OT will meet with you to discuss findings and develop goals and a plan.

For further information about Outpatient Occupational Therapy at Lansdowne Children's Centre, or to initiate a referral, please contact:

Central Intake
519-753-3153/3154 ext. 206