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Teen Group

What is Teen Group?

Teen Group is a recreational program available for teens involved with Lansdowne Children's Centre services. The purpose of Teen Group us to provide teens with an opportunity for social interaction through peer contacts and the development of peer relationships in a casual setting. Participation in the group encourages the development and modeling of appropriate social skills, development of friendships, sharing of similar interests and the building of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Who is eligible for Teen Group?

Teens on the LCC caseload, aged 13 until their discharge from LCC services are eligible to attend. Teens can remain involved with Teen Group following their discharge from other LCC programs until either the June or December following discharge, whichever is nearer their discharge date. Eligibility of all involved teens will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Teens not on and/or who have never been on Lansdowne’s caseload may be referred to the Teen Group program only after proceeding through Central Intake and being admitted to a Centre caseload, if eligible, for a Lansdowne service.

What can I expect?

Once a referral to Teen Group has been completed, your teen will be admitted into the Teen Group program. If a waitlist for involvement exists, their name will be placed on the waitlist. An Information Package is provided to all teens upon admission to Teen Group and must be completed before initiating involvement . Two groups, one for clients aged 13-15 years, the other for 16-18 years, are held on alternate weeks. Teen Group is held at Kids Country Inn (Brantwood Centre) with sessions occurring on Thursday evenings during the school year. Community outings may occur throughout the year. Weekly transportation to/from the site where the group is being held is the responsibility of the teen’s family/legal guardian. Teens must be escorted by an adult and signed in and out upon arrival and departure each week the teen attends.

For further information about Teen Group at Lansdowne Children's Centre, or to initiate a referral, please contact:

Central Intake
519-753-3153/3154 ext. 206