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Therapeutic Recreation (TR)

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) services are thoughtfully designed to develop and facilitate individual goals, adding to a participant’s capacity for enjoyment, through engagement in leisure activity.

TR services focus on opportunities to:

Who is eligible for Therapeutic Recreation program?

Therapeutic Recreation programs are designed for participants who:

What can I expect?

Following referral, the Recreation Therapist (RT) will complete a TR intake with Guardian(s), support choice of a program option that will offer the most benefit to the participant, as well as complete formal/informal assessments as appropriate. Programs are typically group sessions. 1:1 appointments are available after consultation.

Group Programming

Individual Appointment

For further information about Therapeutic Recreation at Lansdowne Children's Centre or to initiate a referral please contact:

Central Intake
519-753-3153 ext. 206