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Supports & Services

Lansdowne Children's Centre offers children, youth and their families the opportunity to coordinate multiple services and supports. This ability helps to reduce travel time, build relationships and establish familiarity and comfort.

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Who are Family Service Coordinators?

Family Service Coordinators support families of children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs. They are knowledgeable about services and funding resources that your family may benefit from.


Family Service Coordinators help families understand what services they have, what services they may need and when services may change (due to child's age or eligibility). They provide advocacy for child/youth needs in education, health and the community.

Who is eligible for Service Coordination?

Family Service Coordinators may be referred to as your child’s "Case Manager," who encourage and support all services to work together as a team. They work with clients and their families living in Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Referrals can be made by a Lansdowne team member or directly to Contact Brant through whom eligibility will be determined at 519-758-8228 or

Service Coordination referrals for families living in Haldimand and Norfolk counties should be directed to Haldimand-Norfolk REACH. Click here.

What can I expect?
Family Service Coordinators help families develop goals, learn advocacy skills, and ensure that a family’s needs and concerns are heard and respected. Family Service Coordinators can host and/or attend meetings, medical appointments, therapy sessions and assessments.

Family Service Coordinators:

  • Help guide you through transitions and changes in school placements.

  • Provide appropriate documentation through individual sessions or information clinics.

  • Support the development of a coordinated service plan that ties goals and services together ensuring the unique needs of each family is documented and shared.

  • Can remain involved for short or long term support.

Therapy session

What is Social Work at Lansdowne?

Social Workers are available to support your family to cope with the impact of illness, disability, and the complex developmental and health needs of your child/youth with special needs. The Social Workers of Lansdowne Children’s Centre are professionally trained and registered members of the Ontario College of Social Workers Social Service Workers.

Who is eligible for social work?
Children and youth receiving services from Lansdowne Children's Centre and their families are eligible for Social Work Services. Referrals can be requested by the family or youth or may be suggested by another Lansdowne service provider working with the child and their family.

What can I expect?
Once a referral to Social Work has been completed you will be contacted by a member of the Social Work team. Service needs are determined through goal-based care plans and may include individual or family intervention and support.


Social Workers can provide supportive counselling to help with:

  • Adjustment to illness & disability

  • Client & caregiver stress & coping

  • Connecting to financial & community resources

  • Building confidence and self-advocacy skills

  • Providing support to the whole family


Various groups and programs may be offered for sibling support needs, youth transitions, healthy relationships & sexual education. Community-based workshops on a variety of topics may also be available.

For further information about Social Work with Lansdowne Children's Centre, or to initiate a referral, please contact our Intake Team at 519-753-3153 ext. 507 or complete the online referral form​.

Child Psycholgist

Who are Child and Youth Workers?

A Child and Youth Worker provides supportive counselling to those who are coping with the implications of a diagnosis/special need. This professionally trained worker can support children, adolescents and their families, individually and in groups.

Who is eligible for a Child and Youth Worker?
Children and youth clients receiving services from Lansdowne Children's Centre and their families, are eligible for Child and Youth Worker Services.

A Child and Youth Worker can provide supportive counselling to help with:

  • Adjustment to illness & disability

  • Managing client stress and developing healthy coping strategies

  • Building social skills

  • Behaviour strategies and support for parents and caregivers

  • Building confidence and self-advocacy skills

  • Planning decisions and emotional needs when transitioning to adult services

  • Sibling support needs

Education and support can be provided for a variety of topics on a needs basis. Workshop topics may include:

  • Internet safety

  • Community safety & independence

  • Bullying and self-esteem.

  • Sibling support needs

  • Youth transition

  • Healthy relationships & sexual education

What can I expect?
The Child and Youth Worker focuses on the growth of clients and is flexible in providing strategies that will suit each individual. From play therapy to in-office counselling, the Child and Youth worker can use a wide variety of therapeutic interventions. Goals are created collaboratively with children, youth and their families to help guide the intervention.

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