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Development Checklist, Early Years Milestones
Development Checklist, Early Years Milestones

Every child learns and develops in their own unique way.

This early years development checklist provides physical and communication development milestones that most children are demonstrating in each age group.

Check off the abilities that your child is demonstrating on a consistent basis. ​If you have concerns about unchecked milestones. first consult the online resources provided for more information.

The recommended streaming videos and printable activities will help you enage in play-based learning with your child. Often these universal strategies for skill development will help a child's progress.

If you have multiple incomplete milestones, and especially if you have incomplete milestones from an earlier age group, please consider completing a referral with SmartStart Hub to access opportunities for assessment, support and therapy services.​


There is no cost to access SmartStart Hub resources, services and supports at Lansdowne Children's Centre.


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