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Accessibility: Our Multi-Year Plan

Lansdowne Children's Centre commits itself to the continual improvement of access to its facility policies, programs, practices and services for clients and their family members, staff, volunteers and members of the community with disabilities; the participation of persons with disabilities, or family members, in the development and review of its annual accessibility plans; and the provision of quality services to all clients and their family members and members of the community with disabilities.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2019-2023

Introduction: The following multi-year accessibility plan is prepared in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). In preparing this accessibility plan Lansdowne considered the following:

  • The plan addresses a broad range of disability issues, taking into account the full definition of disability under the AODA and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

  • The plan examines all aspects of the organization’s operations, including its bylaws, practices, facilities, programs and services.

  • Consideration of roles as service providers and as employer.

  • The plan identifies steps to be taken over time to remove identified barriers and prevent any new ones.

  • Integrating accessibility planning into business planning cycles to ensure a thoughtful, effective and efficient process and meaningful outcomes.

  • Lansdowne is accountable to communities and, as such, must make the accessibility plan available to the public.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button above to save and open a PDF copy of the Lansdowne Children's Centre Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2019-2023


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