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Our Lansdowne Foundation Team

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Jennifer White

Executive Director

Jennifer’s resume includes more than 25 years of fundraising development experience, and leadership positions with Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation and Norfolk General Hospital.

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Candace Kingyens, CFRE

Senior Development Officer


Candace has been involved in the non-profit sector and fundraising operations since 2006, and has a personal connection with the Lansdowne Children’s Centre.

Candace's strengths are in developing and managing special events, community impact, and building and maintaining quality donor relationships. She is driven by a passion to help others.

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Kathryn Aulsebrook

Receipt Coordinator

Over thirty years at Lansdowne in many roles, most recently Program Assistant for Respite Service and The Early Integration Program as well as in Foundation department as Receipt Coordinator.  I have been working with the Foundation office for over 10 years inputting Donor information and producing receipts. 

What do we do?

The Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation operates separately from the children's treatment centre, advocating for the kids and connecting with persons and organizations to fund raise money in support of unfunded programs and other initiatives to improve the life experience for the kids.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


For The Kids

Raising money through a variety of avenues, such as events, major gifts, planned giving, community and foundation grants, and individual donations

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For The Kids

Engaging our community with communications that raise awareness of the good deeds and growing needs we recognize everyday.

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For The Kids

Preparing fundraising events, finding donors, collecting pledges and sponsorships, working with vendors, ticketing,  coordinating volunteers, and communications.

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For The Kids

Attending events and
meeting with community partners to share the stories of our Lansdowne kids and families,

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Our Foundation History

A Foundation With Roots

The assembly in 1952 of seven families of children with cerebral palsy represents the first roots of Lansdowne Children’s Centre. In addition to being the kernel from which this Children’s Treatment Centre grew, the Cerebral Palsy Association provided another strong plank that continues to support Lansdowne with invaluable resources.

In April 2000, the Brant County Cerebral Palsy Association changed its name to the Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation with the following objectives: 

  • Support the care and development of children living with cerebral palsy and other physical or developmental disabilities 

  • Promote and provide funds for Lansdowne Children’s Centre day to day operations and charities which benefit disabled children

  • Support Lansdowne Children's Centre’s capital requirements and special projects 


Since that time, dedicated volunteers on the Board of Directors have been supported by an even larger crew of volunteers who give of their time, talent and treasure to raise funds for Lansdowne Children's Centre. After many Directors have reached their maximum 10-year term on the Lansdowne Children's Centre Board – particularly those who served as President, they have also graciously donated more time on the Foundation Board. If you wonder why these amazing volunteers continue this work, look no further than the successes of the young people who use Lansdowne services. 

Notable events have included the June 2005 All-Stars Celebration charity gala which coincided with the launch of the popular annual Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation Charity Motorcycle Ride. From bikes to the boardroom, Lansdowne supporters who themselves to be as diverse as the young people receiving Lansdowne Children’s Centre services. 

Funds raised through the Foundation provide special programs that are not government-funded, especially in the realm of recreation. A signature program that emerged from local partnerships is the award-winning Every Kid Counts. This program ensures that children and youth with special needs have an equal opportunity to appreciate in a local recreation program by hiring Support Workers to provide both hands-on and programming support to families and recreation staff.


The children and families of Lansdowne
thank you for your support.

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