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Autism Brant Webinar Gallery

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Our government funding is based on statistics, and our ability to continue offering services - particularly free services like these webinar recordings - is dependent on being able to record and share how many people accessed our services, and how often. We do not - and will not - sell your email information, or use it for any purpose outside of contacting you directly.

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Welcome to Autism Services at Lansdowne Children's Centre in Brantford

All About Online Learning


#Learning #Skills #Reinforcement

Is your child with an Autism Specturm Diagnosis (ASD) ready to try online learning? This presentation talks about setting up an environment, visual supports and use of reinforcement to increase online learning success within your home.

Boundaries and Personal Space


#Anxiety #Behaviour #Social

In this virtual workshop you will learn about Tips and Strategies for teaching personal space to children, and why this is important; as well as resources available to help you.

Desensitization: Overcoming Fears, Getting Used To New Things


#Anxiety #Behaviour #Desensitization

This webinar breaks down the steps needed for someone to get used to, or overcome fears they have with new items, activities and experiences.

Elopement Strategies with Kids


#Anxiety #Behaviour #Social

In this virtual workshop you can learn about what Elopement is and why it happens; Sensory, Escape and Attention strategies; and tips for preventing elopement.

Anxiety & ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder


#Anxiety #ASD #Emotions

Dr. Ben Klein, Developmental Paediatrician is joined by Lorraine DeJong, Social Worker, and Susan Battin, BCBA, Autism Services, to talk about Anxiety and Autism. How does Anxiety look different with ASD? What makes it worse? And what can help make it better.

Dating De-Mystified, Feel more comfortable with the idea of dating


#Dating #Social #Emotions

Helping teens with autism spectrum disorder to feel more comfortable with the idea of participating in dating. What is dating? What are romantic feelings? How to send and receive social cues...

Eating Strategies Part One - Basics of Encouraging Appropriate Meal-Time Behaviour


#Eating #Behaviour #GoalSetting

What is the difference between a Picky Eater and a Feeding Disorder What sort of questions should you ask of your doctor? Learn about individualized goals and creating mealtime strategies, including Controlled Choices, and Building Motivation.

Engaing in Play - play skills for parents


#Play #Toys #Social

This webinar recording teaches parents about six different types of play, specific components of play, how to schedule in play and how to teach basic play skills.

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