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A New Bike, Just In Time for the Holidays

Lansdowne is so grateful to have engaged community partners who think of our children and youth when an opportunity pops up...

Steve and Jackie Fox live in Hamilton with their son Kevin, the proud owner of a specialty bicycle. But this season, Kevin discovered he had outgrown his bike and it was time to move into something larger. What could he do with his former wheels?

Ken Breau of Brantford is a longtime supporter of Lansdowne Children's Centre, and when he learned of this question from his friends Steve and Jackie, he sent a quick message to Lansdowne Executive Director, Rita-Marie Hadley.

physiotherapy Ken Breau Kevin Fox Lansdowne Children's Centre paralyzed special needs Brantford Hamilton
Kevin Fox gifted his former red wheels to Ken Breau, who refurbished the bicycle - complete with new Bentley brand sticker - and donated it to the physiotherapy department at Lansdowne Children's Centre.

Breau arranged to refurbish and donate the bicycle to the physiotherapy service team at Lansdowne Children's Centre. He personally disassembled the bicycle, then contacted RJJ Powder Coating, at 14 Kindrade Road in Brantford, to have the rails sand-blasted and repainted. The powder coating company is owned by Catherwood Welding who, learning of the bikes intended destination, donated their expertise and services to complete the project.

Breau reassembled the shiny new bicycle, completing the look with a couple new tires.

Tamie Aubin, manager of physiotherapy and occupational therapy services at Lansdowne Children's Centre, accepted the donation on behalf of the centre and client families. She shared,

"This bike will be a great fit for our children and youth whom we support in optimizing mobility. We are thrilled to add this equipment to our fleet, and are so very thankful to Kevin, Steve and Jackie Fox for their kindness, and to Ken Breau and RJJ Powder Coating for all they've done to rebuild this treasured toy. It looks fantastic!" 

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