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Brantford Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Raise Over $135,000 For Children's Charities

Smile Cookie Campaign Raises Over $18.8 Million Across Canada 

BRANTFORD, ON - Representatives of Brant Food For Thought and Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation could not say enough about their appreciation for the Brantford community, and the overwhelming response to the 2024 Smile Cookie campaign hosted by Tim Hortons restaurant owners.

“Community support is critical to the ongoing success of our child and youth recreation programs at Lansdowne,” shared Jennifer White, Executive Director of the Lansdowne Foundation.

“The Every Kid Counts program is not government funded, and it’s only with the help of generous donations like the funds raised with Smile Cookies that we’re able to provide support workers at no cost to families, so that children and youth with special needs have the opportunity to attend camps and community programs with their peers.”

With Brantford and Brant County’s population on the rise, the demand for support services has continued to climb. The Every Kid Counts program offered by Lansdowne has expanded to welcome more children and youth from a broader age range in response to the greater need, but with expansion comes costs.

“Smile Cookie participation has made a significant contribution to our annual budget, and we’re so thankful for the support and partnership of this community, and all our participating Tim Hortons restaurant owners. They’re just the best.”

Partnering with Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation was Brant Food For Thought, a local not-for-profit working to provide healthy meals for children and youth attending school in the region. Executive Director Gisele Budgell credits Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign and the support of the community for the organization's ability to grow and serve the nutrition needs of kids across the city.

“Since 2019, Smile Cookie has generated over $600,000 in contributions and with that we have been able to grow by over 40%, reaching nearly every school in the region. We are currently supporting over 11,000 students weekly.”

The donations have also allowed Brant Food For Thought to purchase and install critical equipment in school settings, including double-door coolers to provide proper refrigeration for fresh produce, white milk and other perishable foods. The program projects serving 1.3 million breakfasts and snacks this school year alone.

“The schools are thrilled. It has been an incredible investment, and we want to thank all the Tim Hortons owners. This community in particular really gets behind the Smile Cookie campaign. It’s been awesome for our organization, and we can’t say thank you enough.”


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