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Zo On The Go: A Fundraising Leader

At just 12 years old and already having a decade of experience as a client of Lansdowne Children's Centre, Zoe Duggan has embraced her role as ambassador of the Charity Motorcycle Ride and is excited to lead the way for all riders and fundraisers.

Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a motor neuron disease that affects the voluntary muscles in the body, Zoe's condition causes her to have weakness throughout her body and confines her to a power wheelchair to get around.

Make no mistake, this bright, social and witty girl is living her life to the fullest!

At Lansdowne she has participated in physiotherapy and occupational therapy (fine motor skills), and has been a regular in recreation programs supported by Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation. In 2021, the Lansdowne Night @the Lights holiday card shared with hundreds of families featured some of Zo's original artwork on the cover.

A leader among her peers, 'Zo' is making efforts to share information about her condition and raise awareness in the community on behalf of others who may face challenges with communication, developmental and/or physical needs. She has created space on the social network TikTok to share her journey with SMA, field questions, share her feelings and have fun performing. @myjourneywithSMA

She would love to grow her following and be an influencer. She's starting local.

ZOE IS CALLING ON YOU and YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK, to help her realize her goal to become the TOP FUNDRAISER in the 2022 Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation campaign.

With the help of amazing community partners who generously donated their support by providing gift certificates, gift cards and premium products, Zoe and her family - big thank you to Mom, Mandy - have created 12 AMAZING Gift Baskets to reward people who help her reach her goal.

'The Zo Show' is a video series created with Zoe, featured on the Lansdowne social media channels - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube - that introduces Zoe to viewers, shares a little of her TikTok content and unveils a NEW gift basket each week.

Supporters of Zoe's fundraising efforts can make donations online, $5 at a time, and earn tickets in the gift basket draw of their choice.

Zoe is only offering 100 tickets per basket, and will draw for the winner of each basket as: a) the available tickets for that basket sell out; or b) we reach the Charity Motorcycle Ride event day, Saturday July 9th. More details are available online.

Zoe will be waving the green flag to start the Brantford-Haldimand-Brant County motorcycle tour, but is not expected to join the riders on the police-escorted 105km journey.


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