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Aeva is hilarious, creative, clever, cheerful, and very, very determined. She has been through much more in her 11 years and still has some struggles she deals with daily. These struggles sometimes prohibit her from doing things that other kids her age get to do. She loves to dance and be around other people. She loves trying new things and is very creative in figuring out how to adapt activities to suit her needs. She has finally met her match in the Therapeutic Recreation (TR) team at Lansdowne Children’s Cnetre. They are also hilarious, creative, clever, cheerful, and very determined that “all” kids who come to the program are included, whatever they may look like. They even managed to get me to consent to Aeva travelling to The Factory (kidtastic or big kids and adults), in London with them! I wasn’t even hardly, barely, kind of worried…maybe…lol. She had a blast, and it may have looked different from the other kids in the group, but they made sure she had just as good a time. Aeva has been involved with the dance group at LCC for a few years now. She loves it, and her teacher and helpers always make sure she is able to fully participate. Because of her health and physical issues, I can’t just drop Aeva off at any program or class. But because of the TR team’s knowledge and experience, I can drop her off at program there, and know she will be fully involved. When the Recreation Therapy Supervisor found out that Aeva wanted to join her brother at DIY camp she alleviated my fears of my girl with a hammer, and assured me they would love to have her join. For a mom who often gets the impression that her child can’t be accommodated…that was huge. For a mom who often does wrecking jobs with her daughter, it was nerve racking, but everyone survived.

The children and families of Lansdowne
thank you for your support.

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