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Hello, my name is Owen Wilson. I am a 12-year-old energetic young man. I really like poutine and pizza and have recently got my gun and hunting license because I think it’s cool to go to the range with my Dad. My Mom and my Uncle own Ken’s Towing and since I was five years old I could help run the controls on the tow truck. When it’s a PD day from school I go to the shop with my Mom and she lets me go on calls with the drivers and I get to talk on the two-way radio, which is cool. I like to build things with my lego, right now I have a remote-controlled lego tow truck that I am working on, it is pretty hard but with my determination I know I will complete it. In the summertime, I enjoy lending a hand cutting grass for people. I have really enjoyed the programs at Lansdown Children Centre especially the Stemotics workshop, social club, and going swimming. I enjoy the social aspect of these programs. I was enrolled in the DIY/Horticulture workshop and really enjoyed that because I got my hands dirty. If you asked my family and friends to describe me they would say I am a caring, compassionate, loveable guy with a big heart of gold, a positive role model, and can give you words of encouragement if you are down.

The children and families of Lansdowne
thank you for your support.

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