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2022 Lansdowne Charity Motorcycle Ride Ambassador

"My name is Zoe. I am a 12 year old loving with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a motor neuron disease that affects the voluntary muscles in my body. My condition causes me to have weakness throughout my body and confines me to a power wheelchair to get around. Make no mistake though – I live my life to the fullest! I love spending time with my friends and siblings, love school, camping, baking and so much more. I really love the recreation programs at Lansdowne and have made some great friendships with the other children and staff. This is a place free of judgment that helps me explore my independence and creativity. We are thankful for the programming at the Centre!" - Zo(e) Through these programs, Zoe is able to see that she is not alone. She is free from judgment, and she feels valued, and a sense of belonging. She has made friendships with other children (and even the staff!), explored her creativity and independence, learned new things, and most of all, had so much fun and made so many memories. Along with the rec programs, Zoe also accesses physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and social workers, all of which has helped her tremendously. They have helped our family navigate through endless paperwork to get Zoe all of the equipment and support she needs. "We truly don't know what we do without the help of Lansdowne. Zoe is thrilled to be this year's ambassador so she can show her praise for Lansdowne and all they have done for her and our family." - Mom, Mandy

The children and families of Lansdowne
thank you for your support.

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