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Laura Maddison

Laura Maddison

Board Chair, President

Julie Neal

Julie Neal

Board Member

Mark Lazenby

Mark Lazenby

Board Vice-President

Rita Stratford

Rita Stratford

Board Member

Skylar Turkiewicz

Skylar Turkiewicz

Board Treasurer and Secretary

Robert A Davis

Robert A Davis

Board Member

Robyn Verbuyst

Robyn Verbuyst

Board Past President

An Open Letter from our Foundation Board Chair

Hello Everyone,

It is an honor and privilege for me to have the confidence of the Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation Board of Directors in undertaking the role of Board Chair. I will do all I can to fulfill the obligations of my role in helping work towards the mission and objectives of Lansdowne Foundation.


As we enter this new year for the foundation, I'm excited to be part of the leadership team and eager to continue moving forward with efforts to raise awareness and funding for the Lansdowne Children's Centre. We are here to listen, learn, share our expertise and advocate for the children, youth and families in need of programs, services and supports for special needs.


When you give to Lansdowne Foundation you are helping each child and youth in need of special assistance in their development get their best chance to experience and enjoy a full childhood.


You are investing in the future of our community and ensuring that we offer ALL children and youth the opportunity to be their best selves! The programs your donations support provide opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities to explore new skills, discover their potential and make new friends


Together, we can help the kids to reach and celebrate new milestones.



Laura Maddison, Board Chair
Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation

What does the foundation board do?

The Foundation Board of Directors is the leadership of the organization.

As a volunteer team they are the stewards of the mission.  The board of directors of a non-profit organization is legally responsible for the governance of the organization. Within that mandate is the expectation that the board will develop, implement and monitor policies that will allow the organization to carry out its work. Their leadership is invaluable and they conduct peer to peer fundraising and engagement within the community. 

Foundation Board members join and support one or more sub-committees to participate in making making recommendations to the Board of Directors, which is the final decision-making body. Non-Board members also bring expertise and assistance to our committees.

Event Committees:
Support planning and executing Foundation events:

• Charity Motorcycle Ride
• Heroes Walk and Roll


The Policy and Governance Committee:

Ensures adequacy and currency of policies, and supports board evaluation.

Nomination Committee:

Plans recruitment for orderly succession of board members concluding board terms, ensuring the mix of needed skills and perspectives. Bylaws stipulate its membership.

Capital Campaign Committee:

Plans how to secure funds for a major capital investment, ie. new Lansdowne Children's Centre building.

Lansdowne Children Centre Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Objective of Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation:

A commitment to actively attract and engage with donors to maintain funding resources to distribute to Lansdowne Children’s Centre programs, services, projects and capital for children/youth with special needs.

Our Mission:

Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation raises funds to assist in the provision of services and capital items at Lansdowne Children’s Centre and spreads awareness about our programs and services within the community.


Our Vision:

To successfully support Lansdowne Children’s Centre to allow children/youth with special needs to reach their optimal potential


Our Values:

  • Respect - for our donors and clients’ privacy in publishing donations, photos and stories with consent

  • Stewardship - proper and timely stewardship and acknowledgement for donations of money, gifts in kind, and volunteerism. Ensure that the donor will receive proper recognition for their gifts.

  • Transparency - ensure the donor has access to the Foundation’s recent financial statements, and that their gift will be used for its intended purpose 

  • Partnership -maintain support and respect for our donors, community partners, staff, and clients to create a culture of philanthropy.




To continue to establish a balanced fund raising portfolio that raises funds from numerous platforms to create sustainability for the programs and services of the organization.

This goal will be realized when we are less dependent on special events to achieve our financial goals for the Foundation by achieving these three objectives:

  1. Increase our monthly giving support both internally and externally to sustain the organization.

  2. Build strong relationships with the business community to obtain larger gifts.

  3. Through excellent and proper stewardship, increase the size of gifts from donors and graduate towards a planned gift.

  4. Invest time and effort in engaging with individual philanthropic members of our community for financial support.



Build awareness in our community about our programs and services, and the significant contribution we are making to provide the best and most passionate care for local children/youth with special needs.

This goal is critical for our Foundation to achieve its target goals each year. It will be achieved through these four objectives, as donors will not donate to charities unless they have a clear and concise understanding about the organization and how their gift will make a difference.

  1. Optimize all opportunities to engage with community leaders, politicians, and community partners to educate them on what Lansdowne Children’s Centre does for our children/youth with special needs.

  2. Work with our staff to encourage telling stories about each and every positive outcome from our clients receiving our services.

  3. Continue to use consistent branding materials, logos, and Lansdowne-consistent messaging to build awareness of the brand.

  4. Maximize every opportunity to stay in the spotlight when the opportunity arises.


Orchestrate timely, respectful and engaging stewardship for donations made to Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation. The Foundation will become donor centered and will always appreciate any donation, regardless of size, that is made to the Foundation.

This goal is necessary to engage with the donors and properly thank them for their support. Achieving these four objectives will ensure understanding of why donations are made and whether there are opportunities for future support.

  1. Stewardship for gifts received by the Foundation are handled in accordance with the Foundation Donor Recognition Guidelines.

  2. Donors’ privacy and requests for anonymity will always be considered.

  3. Through communication with the donor, the gift will be applied and used where most needed or a special specified program.

  4. The Foundation will follow and respect the Donor Bill of Rights, developed by The Association of Fund Raising Professionals, to ensure the ethical and professional treatment of each donor.



Ensure a financially sustainable Foundation in order to provide support to programs, services, special requests and capital as required each fiscal year or over a longer defined horizon.

This is a critical goal of the Foundation, as its mission and vision include raising funds to support programs and services along with equipment and capital requirements that the Foundation will accept as part of their mandate.

4.1 Adhere to the annual budget as approved by the Board of Directors.

4.2 Remain ethically and fiscally responsible in all transactions and expenditures.

4.3 Strategically reinvest the Foundation’s revenue stream into the reserve fund to ensure future sustainability.

The children and families of Lansdowne
thank you for your support.

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