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Alternate Care
Alternate Care

The Alternate Care Program (ACP) is a family-based model of respite. Care providers are screened and trained to provide relief either in their home, the family’s home or in the community. It is a safe and nurturing place for your child to spend time while providing a much needed break for the caregivers.

The Alternate Care Program is licensed under the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services and administered by Lansdowne Children’s Centre.Your child will have an enjoyable time with another family while you are taking care of yourself.


Children/youth birth to 18 years of age with a diagnosis of developmental delay.

Goals, Skills and Keywords


Initially the Alternate Care Supervisor will meet with you to obtain more information about your child’s individual needs and your respite requirements. Options for ACP providers will be discussed. Service initiation could begin sooner if you know of an individual or family that could provide support. Once you have been matched with an ACP Provider you will meet together with the ACP Supervisor. The specific days of respite are arranged between you and the ACP Provider.
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