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Camp and Recreation (CARE)
Camp and Recreation (CARE)

CARE provides a supportive, safe and inclusive environment where children and youth can participate in hands on, meaningful experiences. CARE provides engaging opportunities for children/youth to explore and experiment with the world around them and participate in their community.

Recreation Services provide opportunities designed to assist and encourage children and youth clients to take advantage of individual or group activities directed towards promoting physical, cultural, and/or social development. These activities allow clients to explore their interests, exercise their skill sets and pursue personal development.


Clients eligible for CARE are those who have active status with Respite Services through Lansdowne Children’s Centre and are between the ages of 4 and 18 years old.

Goals, Skills and Keywords


In all CARE programs, clients are paired with Support Workers who provide individualized support and encourage successful participation. Programs take place at Lansdowne Children’s Centre and within the community. The Camp & Recreation Supervisor is happy to answer your questions and provide greater program details and assistance during the registration process.
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