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Special Services at Home
Special Services at Home

Special Services at Home (SS@H) is a program designed to provide a variety of supports to those who are caring for a child with a developmental and/ or physical disability. SS@H can be used in a variety of ways to best meet the needs of each unique family. Support can be provided either in the home or in a variety of community settings The program is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Some of the ways SS@H can provide your child with support are:

1:1 Support Worker to support your child in working toward their own unique goals.

1:1 Support Worker to provide families with a short break from the demands of caring for their child.

The purchase of a variety of other individualized supports and services for your child based on current Ministry guidelines. Click here to open the Ministry guide for eligible and ineligible supports.

With careful thought and planning, your SS@H funds can be used to support a wide range of meaningful activities which will increase a child's experiences and opportunities to work on their individual goals.


Children/youth 0-18 years of age Children/youth with a physical and/or developmental disability verified by a physician.

Goals, Skills and Keywords


Lansdowne Children's Centre can assist in completing your SS@H application form. Once your child’s eligibility has been determined, and the Ministry has issued your child an SS@H contract, a Program Supervisor will meet with you to discuss how your funding can be best utilized to meet the unique needs of your child and family.
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