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Milestone Measures, Early Years Development Checklist, 0 to 48 months

Check off the early years development movement, coordination and communication skills that your child is demonstrating on a consistent basis.

Lansdowne Children's Cente milestone measures early years development checklist, 0 to 48 months movement, coordination, communication

Click the button below to open and download a PDF document (3MB) that you can print.

Early Years Development Checklist 0 - 48 months (4 years)

By 3 months your child should:

o Hold their head steady

o Coos, smiles and recognizes familiar people

o Turn their head in both directions towards sounds

o Follow people or objects

By 6 months your child should:

o String vowels together when babbling

o Begin to sit unsupported

o Roll over in both directions (front to back, back to front)

o Reach for toys with both hands and mouth

By 9 months your child should:

o Play peek a boo

o Stand holding onto something or someone

o Make sounds like “mamama” “dadada” “bababa”

o Copy sounds and gestures of others

o Transfer objects one hand to another

o Crawl or moves around in some way

By 12 months (1 year) your child should:

o Use gestures like shaking head ”no” or waving “bye”

o Start to play with/use things functionally

o Pull up to stand, walk holding on to furniture

o Try to say words/sounds you say after you say them

o Join in back and forth conversation by making noises or gestures *

By 15 months your child should:

o Point to show something interesting to others

o Walk with minimal support

o Say 3-5 words (other than “mama” and “dada”)

o Understand and follow simple commands

o Turns pages of a book

By 18 months your child should:

o Walk without the support of others

o Use at least 20 single words, you can understand

o Play simple pretend, such as feeding a doll

By 24 months (2 years) your child should:

o Copy others

o Use 2-3 word phrases

o Label pictures

o Stack blocks or rings

o Self-feed using cup, spoon and fork

By 36 months (3 years) your child should:

o Copy lines or circles with a crayon

o Follow 2 or 3 step directions

o Speak in clear sentences

o Jump with 2 feet off the ground

o Tell stories

By 48 months (4 years) your child should:

o Take turns in play with a friend

o Answer simple questions

o Use a toilet independently

If your child does not meet all the milestone measures of movement, coordination and communication skills for their age,

we recommend that you complete a referral submission to SmartStart Hub at Lansdowne Children’s Centre for an assessment. We can help connect you with available services supports and resources in our community.


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