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J.H. Young Fine Jewellers

“As a proud business that has been a part of the Brantford community for 120 years, J.H. Young understands the importance of supporting local. As one of the original Great Northern Riders, David Young has always been one of Lansdowne’s biggest fans and supporters. Over the past 20 years, J.H. Young has raised money to help Lansdowne support some of our area’s most vulnerable children and to help programs like summer camps continue running over the years. As a member of the Brantford community, we see firsthand the tremendous impact Lansdowne has and we are proud to support them.” David Young has been a volunteer and supporter of our Lansdowne Children’s Centre and Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation for many years. He has been a board member on both the Centre and Foundation boards. David is the longest rider on the Great Northern Ride, raises significant pledges each year, and sponsors the ride. David is a member of the Brantford Rotary Club and volunteers at our children’s Christmas Party each year. J.H. Young continues to be a philanthropic leader in our community and David Young’s support of Lansdowne Children’s Centre is exemplary.
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