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Isaias is a newly 16-year-old young man. He is currently experiencing his second year of high school and is super creative and talented. His goal is to be a game designer when he grows up. He also loves to try out voice impersonations. He is a sponge and loves to learn, is compassionate, loving, caring, and funny. He is eager to help those around him. Many of Isaias's success can be attributed to the years of time spent with Lansdowne Children's Centre. Gabriel is currently 13 years old (going on 14 this summer). He is preparing for grade 9 this coming September. Gabriel, much like his brother is a sponge and enjoys learning. Constantly pushing himself to meet goals. His dream is to become a paleontologist. Gabriel is outgoing, funny, caring and loving. Like his brother Isaias, Lansdowne has been a huge puzzle piece in propelling Gabriel forward to the success he is today! Isaias and Gabriel are not only brothers but best friends. Isaias is full of facts and can grab your attention in an instant to teach you all about something. He has mad dance skills and is just as talented at yoga! Gabriel is very thoughtful and it shows in everything he does from a kind word to a creative project. He loves dinosaurs and it would be impossible to stump him on any dinosaur-related information! The care and support they show each other is heartwarming and they will offer that same support to their peers. Gabriel is always there to give a friend an uplifting compliment during a creative project and Isaias can always recognize when someone is feeling down and needs a friend. “The Brothers” can always be relied on to bring their contagious enthusiasm to any activity or event!

The children and families of Lansdowne
thank you for your support.

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