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Family Advisory Council (FAC)
Family Advisory Council (FAC)

The Family Advisory Council’s role is to advocate for client and family centered care at Lansdowne Children Centre. The F.A.C. will advise and make recommendations in order to promote quality programs and services within the Centre. Engaging families to help improve the quality of service with ongoing communication, collaboration and partnership between families and Lansdowne Children’s Centre.


• Provide valuable input from a family perspective as they relate to LCC programs and services.

• Enhance positive staff - client relations

• To assist in identifying the needs and priorities of clients/families through team work with the LCC staff

• Actively assist to implement change

• Assist with the development and access to information, support and educational resources which help our clients/families


Membership: The Council will consist of a minimum of 6 members including a)Parent/family representatives* b)Family Engagement Coordinator – a LCC staff member *Family representatives will consider diversity in gender, age, diagnosis and geography to enable a broad representation of background and experiences. Recruitment: •Members will be recruited annually via Lansdowne Children’s Centre’s social media channels •Prospective new members will complete an application form •The Family Engagement Coordinator will select candidates upon form completion Qualifications: •Have a general understanding of the broad range of clients and families we serve •Respects differing opinions to be inclusive to the full diversity of family experiences; socio-economic status, language, race, color, religion and identity. •Works collaboratively with staff, clients and families •Maintain a sense of humor, a sense of vision and a positive attitude •Maintain respect for privacy and confidentiality •Available to attend at least 75% of the quarterly meetings via in person and/or zoom •Members will sign a volunteer form, a privacy and confidentiality form and obtain a Vulnerable Persons Check to participate •Immunization: In order to encourage participation of family members across our catchment region of Grand Erie (including Brantford, Counties of Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk, Six Nations of the Grand River, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations) the Family Advisory Council (FAC) will meet using a hybrid (in-person & virtual) model. Participants attending in-person must provide record of receiving at least two COVID-19 vaccines.” Virtual attendance will be supported without disclosure of vaccination.

Goals, Skills and Keywords


Logistics: •The FAC will meet 4- 6 time a year during September to June •The Family Engagement Coordinator will make agendas, take minutes and provide support during meetings •Communications ( agendas and minutes) will be emailed to members on a regular basis •The groups will communicate primarily through emails between meetings as needed •Lansdowne is committed to supporting member’s ability to attend meetings, providing support as needed to remove barriers to participation. •The term of office for the Family Advisory Council shall be two years with an opportunity to extend membership. Roles: Chair •Call and chair meetings •Develop meeting agenda with Family Engagement Coordinator •Review meeting minutes •Facilitate open communication, discussions and participation during meetings Decision Making: •The group will aim for consensus in decision making whenever possible. Where there is no consensus a majority will be accepted. •All voting members will have a vote •A minimum of 50 per cent of members must be present for a vote to be taken •The Family Engagement Coordinator will not vote unless a tie is needed to broken • Reporting Relationship: : The Family Engagement Coordinator will function as the liaison between the Council and staff. The Family Advisory Council exchanges information with the Centre through the Family Engagement Coordinator as the group’s representative.
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