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Family Centred Guiding Principles
Family Centred Guiding Principles

Family support principles are belief statements about how supports and resources ought to be made available to parents/families involved in early childhood intervention, parenting support and family resource programs and which specify how staff should interact with and treat families.

1. Children, youth and their families (herein referred to as families) are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

2. Staff are sensitive, knowledgeable and responsive to the unique needs of families, including but not limited to cultural, ethnic and socio-economic diversities.

3. Family choice and decision making are incorporated at all levels of participation in all Lansdowne Children’s Centre programs.

4. Information necessary for families to make informed choices is shared in a sensitive, individualized and objective manner.

5. Service provision is informed by family-identified desires, priorities and preferences.

6. Staff work with families to provide supports, resources and services in a flexible and responsive manner.

7. Informal and formal community supports and resources are considered for achieving family outcomes.

8. Services focus on family strengths, assets and interests as the foundation for building capacities and enhancing family functioning.

9. Staff-family relationships are characterized by partnerships and collaboration based on mutual trust, respect, open communication and problem solving.

adapted from: Dunst, C.J. (2004). TrAAAveling the TransCanada Highway: mapping the Adoption, Application and Adherence to Family Support Principles. Perspectives 1(1) , 41-48.


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