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Family Engagement on FACEBOOK
Family Engagement on FACEBOOK

Managed by volunteer members of the Lansdowne Family Advisory Council (FAC) and the Family Engagement Coordinator, this online forum is a safe space for the parents, families, and caregivers of infants, children and youth with special needs ask questions, discuss ideas, or just vent!


1) Be respectful of everyone, and try to keep conversations positive.

2) Admins will be in charge of accepting new members.

3) Selling/asking for donations is not allowed.

4) All information posted in this group is confidential. Please DO NOT publicly share ANY post made in this group.

While The Lansdowne Link is run by a group of volunteer parents through Lansdowne Children's Centre, the views and opinions expressed in this group are our own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Lansdowne Children's Centre.


Log in to Facebook to connect with the Lansdowne Family Engagement group. Qualifying questions may be asked by the group host. Please respect the group's rules.

Goals, Skills and Keywords


A private Facebook Group hosted and monitored by Lansdowne client family peers and the Family Engagement Coordinator (FEC), providing opportunity to network socially and ask questions.
You Belong Here.

Are you passionate about helping infants, children and youth realize their potential? Are you seeking a career in pediatrics? Discover why team members join Lansdowne Children's Centre.

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