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Lansdowne Client Satisfaction Survey, 2023

Updated: Mar 30



Lansdowne Children’s Centre values continuous improvement.

By sharing your experience in the client satisfaction survey,

you help us to see Lansdowne services through your eyes

and recognize new opportunities to do better.

Dear Client families, Each client satisfaction survey response is anonymous. Please complete your survey response by Friday, March 3, and allow your experience to guide our future. If you would like to be contacted in follow up to specific questions, concerns, or comments, please include your email address and other contact information in the comment box at the end of the survey. Results of the survey will be shared in the Lansdowne Children’s Centre annual report, featured as a news item on our website blog and available in print at Lansdowne sites. Thank you for your time and for your thoughts.


Rita-Marie Hadley Executive Director Lansdowne Children’s Centre


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