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Teen/Adult Dance Party Events, Schedule

FRIENDS 4 KINDNESS in partnership with BRANTWOOD COMMUNITY SERVICES are extending invitation to High School students and Adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilites to join a monthly dance party, hosted at Brantwood Abilities Centre.

The 2023-2024 schedule of events kicked off in October with a Halloween themed dance party. With lot of positive feedback, Friends 4 Kindness (F4K) have since shared a calendar of events going into June 2024, charging only $5 at the door for each attending guest. The nominal fee includes a drink and snack, and the event includes a DJ, quiet room, and a concession stand.

The Friends 4 Kindness dance party events have been added to the Lansdowne event calendar as Community Events. Registration for each event can be completed by emailing

Friends 4 Kindness Board member Alisa Foster shared,

"Saturday (Oct. 21) was a great launch to our Friends 4 Kindness inclusive dances with Brantwood Community Services. Thank you to everyone that was able to join us! We're already planning our next event."

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Follow Friends 4 Kindness on Facebook for more event updates and photos, @friends4kindness

Event Details:

  • Event time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m on a Friday

  • Attendees: Age of event entry will be open for High School students and Adults with a cognitive and/or physical disability.

  • Registration: We appreciate all of our guests that pre-registered with us, it helps us prepare ahead of time and ensure we have enough support available. Please continue doing that for each dance:

  • Volunteers: We'd love to have a few more volunteers involved in our dances...reach out to us if you're available. We do require a volunteer police check as well as vulnerable persons sector check.


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