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The 5 Areas of Family Engagement

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Family engagement recognizes that families are essential to the successful outcome of their children’s plan of care and ensures that caregivers are welcome partners in the planning and delivery of Lansdowne Children’s Centre services.

What does Family Engagement mean at Lansdowne?

Lansdowne Children’s Centre is committed to creating more opportunities for families to partner with service providers and each other, to contribute their perspective, advice, passion and talent, and share the knowledge that comes from their lived experience. We need to enhance programs already in place and establish a broad range of family supports to help inspire and empower families meet the day-to-day challenges they face.

Julie Neal Foundation board member and family heroes walk Lansdowne client
Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation Board Member Julie Neal with her family at the 2022 Heroes Walk and Roll fundraising event in Brant Park, Brantford.

The 5 Areas of Focus for Family Engagement

1. Parent Education

More forums that assist families with specialized parenting skills, home conditions and access to the information they need to make informed choices, eg: information fairs, seminars and workshops focused on clinical topics.

2. Communication

More effective communication between parents, professionals, and the Family Advisory Council (FAC), including parent-to-parent information sharing vehicles like the FAC-hosted Facebook group and FAC-organized social networking events.

3. Participation

Ensure there is a range of opportunities for families to be involved and engaged, according to their needs and preferred level of participation, including support groups, education forums and client-family centred events.

4. Decision Making

Family engagement needs family leaders and will continue to ensure there are opportunities to participate in decisions that will help shape Network services and operations, eg: parent satisfaction surveys, input for strategic planning, the new Family Advisory Council.

5. Collaborating with the Broader Community

Create opportunities for families to raise awareness regarding services and represent the needs of infants, children and youth with physical, communication and/or developmental needs at community events, conferences, workshops and information fairs.


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