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 Board of Directors 
Growing with you...

The 2021-22 Lansdowne Children's Centre and Foundation Annual Report is available:

LCC Annual Reports

Lansdowne Children's Centre Board of Directors


John Bradford


  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Vice President John Bradford

John Bradford joined our board in 2015 and has 45 plus years in marketing and communications.



Rob Simmons

Past President

  • LinkedIn Rob Simmons Lansdowne Board President

Rob Simmons joined our board in 2013 and is the owner of Cozzmic Communications.


Anne Noyes

Board Member

  • LinkedIn

Anne Noyes joined our Board in 2019 and is Principal I.L Thomas Odadrihonyanita Elementary School in Ohsweken.


Rick Rozak

Chair, Professional Advisory

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Board Rick Rozak

Rick Rozak joined our Board in 2018 and spent 23 years working in the Youth Justice System, now retired.


Mike Gatopoulos

Board Member

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Board Mike Gatopoulos

Mike Gatopoulos joined our board in 2020, is owner of Seventh Coffee Co. and parent of a child with special needs.


Will Bucholtz

Board Member

  • LinkedIn

Will Bucholtz joined our board in 2020, works in the energy industry and has been a part of the Great Northern Ride.


Lloyd St Amand

1st Vice President

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Lloyd St Amand

Lloyd St Amand joined our board in 2015 and is a lawyer and Senior Partner at Lefebvre & Lefebvre LLP.

lansdowne david gowling 2.jpg

David Gowling


  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Treasurer David Gowling

David Gowling joined our board in 2018 and is a Rotarian and Chartered Professional Accountant with MNP.


Dr. Ben Klein

Medical Director

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Medical Director Dr Ben Klein

Dr. Ben Klein  is a Developmental Paediatrician and has been our Medical Director since 2011.


Mike DeBruyn

Chair, Capital Steering

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Board Mike DeBruyn

Mike DeBruyn joined our board in 2017 and is a retired Principal and Teacher, and past Foundation chair.


Karen Towler

Board Member

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Vice President John Bradford

Karen Towler joined our board 2020 and is academic manager for the School of Business at Conestoga College, Brantford.


Mark Lazenby

Foundation Board Liason

  • LinkedIn

Mark Lazenby is the

Foundation Board Vice Chair.


Rick Sterne

2nd Vice President

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Board Rick Sterne

Rick Sterne joined the board in 2018, is a Rotarian and Vice President of the Samuel Stedman Foundation.


Ashley Veldkamp


  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Secretary Ashley Veldkamp

Ashley Veldkamp joined our board in 2017 and is a real estate agent and a parent of a child with special needs.


Rita-Marie Hadley

Executive Director

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Executive Director Rita-Marie Hadley

Rita-Marie Hadley has been our Executive Director since 2006.


Jim Parrott

Board Member

  • LinkedIn Lansdowne Past President Jim Parrot

Jim Parrott joined our Board in 2013 and is a retired Principal and Teacher.

board joe persia_headshot_edited.jpg

Joe Persia

Board Member

  • LinkedIn

Joe Persia is a lifelong learner/educator, childhood well-being advocate, Rotarian and community booster.

Learn more about our Lansdowne
Mission, Vision and Values.

What is a board's purpose?

The Lansdowne Children's Centre Board of Directors governs the Centre operations,

providing oversight to the pursuit of the organization's Mission and Vision,

guided by the Values.

The mission is a statement of what the organization does and its intended purpose.
The vision is a goal of the outcomes achieved when the Centre successfully carries out its mission or its purpose.
The values are the philosophies that guide decision-making by the Centre

Join the Lansdowne Board

Lansdowne Children’s Centre is seeking enthusiastic community members with diverse skills, backgrounds and perspectives for its Board of Directors. Those with experience in the areas of governance and fee-for-service programming are especially invited to inquire.


For more information please contact us by email at

In your email please let us know, why do you want to be a volunteer board member?

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