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Ken and Tammy Breau

Dairy Queen, Red Shed Initiative

We love our donors! Every gift is precious. Two unique donors are Ken and Tammy Breau. They have a unique perspective and a personal connection to children with special needs. Ken and Tammy own three Dairy Queens in our community. They recently began the Red Shed initiative that allows charities in our community to use the shed to fund raise. Ken and Tammy have always supported our Lansdowne foundation. Thank you for wonderful gifts and we always enjoy the treats at DQ. In Kens own words he tells us why Lansdowne is so important to the couple. "Tammy and I support Lansdowne simply because Lansdowne helps so many children in Brantford and Brant County that would otherwise be lost and without guidance and training. Children are our future pillars in this community, and we are the elders who must help and guide them to becoming successful mentors to our children’s children." - Kind regards, Ken Breau
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