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Accessible Parking Update, Lansdowne Brantford

Brantford, ON - Lansdowne Children’s Centre recognizes the importance of clients, families and employees having access to accessible parking. We are making changes to our Brantford Site parking plans in an effort to improve the parking experience.

The following changes will be introduced at Lansdowne Brantford, with plans to review their impact after 90 days.


  1. Accessible Parking: The parking spaces outside the main entrance front doors are designated as accessible. A sign indicates that persons who have wheelchairs, strollers, walkers etc. may utilize these spaces. There is now a sign in the bottom parking lot pointing to accessible parking at the top of the ramp.


  1. Short Term Parking: There is short term parking alongside the front of the building outside the Staff Only Entrance. These spots are available for employees who work off site and need to drop into the Centre for up to 10 minutes. The spots can also be used for loading/unloading items. These spots can be used by Employees who work evenings/weekends and/or require a spot near the entrance for the entirety of their shifts due to safety and/or health reasons.


  1. Client Parking: In the top parking lot at the end of the building, two parking spots have been designated as “client parking” to help families who may not need an accessible spot but have difficulty coming up the ramp from the lower level lot.


For more about Accessibility at Lansdowne Children's Centre, click here


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