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Welcome to Autism Services at Lansdowne Children's Centre in Brantford

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A trusted Autism service and support provider in Brantford and Brant County since 2004, providing Foundational Family Services and individualized programming and behaviour reduction plans for child and youth clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Are you looking for someone to talk to?

You can reach our Family Support Workers by phone or email,

Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Call 1-800-454-7186  (local 519-753-3153) ext. 268,

or email


Autism Services, Lansdowne Children's Centre and the Family Support Network (FSN) organize and facilitate programs, workshops and social events for Lansdowne children and youth clients and their families.

Visit our Event Calendar to see what's coming up, and to register for programs, workshops, activities and events.

Advocacy at School presented by Family Support Network
Advocacy at School presented by Family Support Network
Sep 09, 2023, 10:00 a.m.
Lansdowne Brantford

Checkout past events

Autism Services at Lansdowne Children's Centre include group events for Lansdowne clients and their families.

Some events are hosted by Autism Services, as part of our Foundational Family Services, and others attended and supported by our team and our clients.



Autism Services provides a FREE streaming webinar channel featuring presentations on popular topics of family interest or concern.

Our videos are hosted on YouTube as unlisted links. Continue to our Webinar Gallery to learn more and access education resources you can view at your convenience.

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Answering Your Questions About Autism

Lansdowne Children's Centre also offers YouTube videos that you can access anytime, anywhere, with no registration required.

In this series, members of our Autism Services team answer popular Google questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autism therapy.



Updared seasonally, the Autism Services Guide is shared with our client families by e-mail as a PDF  and is available for download on our website.

The service guide book provides an overview of upcoming programs, workshops and events and monthly calendars to help families plan to attend.

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Are you looking for help with getting started?

Try our Start Here Guide.  4 Steps to connecting you with Autism Services.

We can help you with registration, referrals and more.

Autism Services @ Lansdowne
Contemplating at Work
First Steps
for Families
  • Registration help

  • Learn about ABA therapy

  • Follow our 4-Step plan to Ontario Autism Program (OAP) registration and service eligibility

Hotline Consultant
Foundational Family Services
  • Ages 0 - 18 years

  • FREE Autism Services supports at Lansdowne 

  • Tools to work with your child and participate in their learning and development

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Early Years
  • Ages 12 - 48 months

  • FREE Caregiver-mediated programs teach families strategies that may help their young children learn new skills and meet individual goals.

Boy Reading Tablet
Intensive ABA
  • Ages 0 - 12 years

  • Fee-for-service therapy

  • Your child is taught essential skills and the management of challenging behaviours.

Putting On Shoes
Goal-Based ABA
  • Ages 0 - 18 years

  • Fee-for-service therapy

  • Help your child reach their unique goals in a series of weekly appointments.

Image by Chris Montgomery

What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior.

ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

ABA treatment is individualized to meet the unique needs of your child/youth, focusing on desired behaviour with awareness of emotional and environmental influences.

Can ABA Help?

YES! ABA therapy when supervised by a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) helps to increase functional appropriate behavior and decreases challenging behavior. 

Why Lansdowne?

Lansdowne Children's Centre has been a trusted provider of Autism Services for children and youth with Autism in Brantford and Brant County since 2004.

We have provided Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services throughout this time including Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI), ABA Supports and Services, groups, workshops and parent training.

Our caring staff get to know our children and families well, and learn how to best suit their needs. Our Family-Centered principles guide our relationship working with children, parents and caregivers in collaboration. We also have access to other specialist Lansdowne team members should you have questions or needs outside of Autism Services.

  • What do I need to submit on my First Day?
    1. A police clearance (including vulnerable sector check) no older than 6 months (fee to be paid at your own expense). 2. Evidence that your immunizations are up to date and recent TB test if you have one (Please note that a TB test is not necessarily required, if you do not have a recent test we will complete a self-screening on your first day). 3. Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. 4. A cheque marked ‘void’ or banking information for direct deposit
  • Employment Standards Act
    The Employment Standards Act protects employees and sets minimum standards for most workplaces in Ontario. What you need to know about Employment Standards in Ontario.
  • Policy and Procedures, Accreditation Canada"
    In order to meet the standards of Accreditation Canada, as well as those legislated by governmental agencies or identified as corporate priorities, all new Lansdowne Children's Centre (LCC) employees must be familiar with basic information about safety and security, compliance, confidentiality, infection control and some Human Resources policies. Please review the following Policies and Procedures: Confidentiality and privacy Facsimile transmission of patient information Fragrance free environment/workplace Internet and email usage Hand hygiene Privacy of personal health information Respectful workplace Security and confidentiality Whistleblower Intellectual property Social media Dress code Code of Conduct System security and data confidentiality Food and Beverage Safety You agree that you solemnly declare to hold in confidence all matters that come to your attention while working at Lansdowne Children's Centre. You will observe and comply with Lansdowne Children's Centre policies and procedures, laws, rules, and regulations and will avoid any activities that could involve or lead to involvement in unlawful practices. You will be committed to dealing fairly and ethically with all whom you associate with and you will conduct myself in accordance with Lansdowne Children's Centre's values. Except when you are legally authorized or required to do so, you will not inspect or receive paper or electronic personal health information notes, charts, or other material related to client care. You will not disclose or give to any person any health-related information or document that comes to your knowledge or possession by reason of your being an employee, volunteer, student, or physician of/having access to personal health information at the LCC.
  • Working Hours of Lansdowne Children's Centre
    Building hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (7.5 hour day including a ½ hour unpaid lunch and 2 paid 15 minute breaks). This may vary according to your schedule. Building closures for stat-holidays, inclement weather and emergencies are typically shared with staff by email, and posted to our website and social media when available.
  • Centre Closures, Communication"
    The decision to close Lansdowne Children's Centre is typically made between 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Please note that school bus cancellations and/or school closures do not necessarily mean that Lansdowne will be closed. Building closures for stat-holidays, inclement weather and emergencies are typically shared with staff by email, and posted to our website and social media when available. An announcement will be made on the Brantford radio station, CKPC 92.1 FM. A message regarding closure will also be placed on the voicemail greeting on the Centre reception line (519) 753-3153.
  • Parking at Lansdowne Children's Centre locations
    In consideration of LCC clients you are requested to refrain from parking on the upper level closest to the entrance at 39 Mt. Pleasant Rd. in Brantford. Limited parking space is available on the lower level and on the street. Please note that sightlines from the parking exit onto the street from the upper level can be difficult therefore we ask that you not make a left hand turn from this exit. Parking is at your own risk and Lansdowne does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to parked vehicles. This applies to all sites. When parking at any LCC location, please be courteous to clients and community members.
  • Staff Payment
    Payment is made via direct deposit into your account on the 15th and last day of each month.
  • Dress Code Expectations
    This is a general overview of appropriate casual attire. Items that are not appropriate for the workplace are listed also. Neither list is all-inclusive and both are open to change. Staff will wear clean and well-maintained attire appropriate to the type of work they do. Shoes are required and must also be well-maintained. In general, the following guidelines apply: No denim (blue) jeans (with the exception on Dress Down Day as outlined in point 7 below). Coloured jeans are acceptable. No short-shorts. Dress walking shorts are permitted. Overly casual clothes (i.e. sweatpants/yoga pants) or revealing clothes (i.e. micro-tops, muscle shirts, miniskirts or low-cut tops) are not acceptable. 2. Footwear should be appropriate for the safety of the employee. “Flip-flops” and bare feet (no shoes) are prohibited. 3. Due to the nature of work done by Support Workers, jeans and other casual clothing are considered acceptable, however it is expected that clothing will reflect a professional image. Adherence to the guidelines is expected. 4, Excessive amounts of jewellery, particularly long earrings, sharp rings and long necklaces are discouraged if it impacts on staff or client safety. Where it impacts on safety, staff will remove the jewellery from any visible piercing, other than pierced ears, during the working day. 5. Due to the diversity of environments that staff work in, exceptions will be made for special events or theme days that staff are participating in. 6. Should an employee arrive at work in inappropriate attire, the immediate supervisor will: advise the employee that their attire does not meet the standards of the policy. review the policy with the employee. Should subsequent incidents of inappropriate attire occur the supervisor may require that the employee return home to change into appropriate attire before returning to work. Time spent away from work will be considered personal time and reflected as such on the overtime record. 7. Dress Down days will occur on Fridays and only on Fridays. Employees will make a decision about the appropriateness of dressing down based on their schedule and their participation in the community on that particular day. Employees unable to participate in Dress Down day on Fridays will be expected to adhere to the dress guidelines. Expectations for dress down days continue to include maintaining a professional image but jeans that are neat and well cared will be acceptable on dress down days.
  • Assistance in an Emergency
    If you have a disability, whether permanent or temporary, and may need help during an emergency, please share your needs with the Human Resources Director. You will be asked to complete a self-assessment form. HR will then work with you to develop individualized emergency response information that will meet your needs in an emergency situation. Please note that HR does not need to know the details of your medical condition or disability, only the kind of help you may need. The information you provide will be kept confidential and only shared with your consent. If you have questions or you already have emergency response information and need to adjust it, please call or email Sandy Gdyczynski, Human Resources Director: phone: 519-753-3153 ext. 242 or email:
  • Workplace Injury, What to Do?"
    How to Report a Workplace Incident or Injury 1. Obtain medical aid if necessary. 2. Report any injury to your supervisor immediately. 3. Complete injury/incident report with supervisor. At 39 Mount Pleasant Rd in Brantford... The First Aid kit and the Automated External Defibrillator“AED” are located at front reception. All First Aid is to be recorded in the log book that is included with the kit. If hazardous materials are involved, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDS binders are located in the staff lunch room as well as in the housekeeping closet. The Eyewash Station is located in the physiotherapy/occupational therapy hallway - next to the housekeeping closet.
  • What is Code White?
    Code White is an Emergency code that may be called in response to any violent situation that cannot be managed by the available staff. Code white is used in situations where the action of a person becomes a threat to their own safety, the safety of others and/or Lansdowne property, and in situations where the aggressive individual is a staff member or visitor. The Management Team and staff who are trained in Non Violent Crisis Intervention are to attend to the page. Workplace Violence Response Plan Procedure: A 3-d-85
  • What to do in a Lockdown?
    A Lockdown code is paged in the event that staff are required to seek protection in the building. Staff are to exit the hallways and enter into the closest office space and close/lock the door behind them. Staff must stay in the room until they are informed that they may leave by an authorized individual i.e. Police or Management.
  • Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
    In compliance with Ontario’s Child and Family Service Act (CFSA) s.72 (1) ALL Lansdowne staff who have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection they must promptly report the suspicion and the information upon which it is based to the children’s aid society. You must consult with your Supervisor should this situation arise in the course of service provision at LCC.

Learn more about the available FREE
Foundational Family Services and the
Fee-For-Service supports at Lansdowne.

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