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  We appreciate your support to bring a new 
Lansdowne Children's Centre building  
  to our community.  

What's next?

We have local and regional support, and now it is up to our provincial leaders to make Lansdowne Children's Centre a priority. You can help our case by following Lansdowne on Facebook and Instagram and by subscribing to our community newsletter the Lansdowne Link.

Each of these communication channels helps us to demonstrate the support of our community, provide you with updates on our efforts, and provide you with resources to support child development in our region.

Lansdowne is dedicated to improving our wait lists for assessment and services, and will continue to provide additional resources online and in our community to support the thousands of children and families seeking help.

Lansdowne Children's Centre board member Mike Gatopolous is a parent of a child who attends Lansdowne. Mike has become an active advocate for centre operations growth, sharing the meaningful impact that Lansdowne services, resources and supports provided his family. Seen here attending a January 2023 meeting of Brant County council.

The analysis in 2020 reported that the current Lansdowne space-needs are nearly triple the amount of space available in our 57-year old building.

Children are Paying the Price and Can’t Keep Waiting:

• Children in our community have had vital procedures delayed, suffered learning losses, and experienced devastating impacts on their physical and mental development.
• These problems will continue to get worse without expansion. The challenges Lansdowne children face will only compound as they age and become more difficult to address.

Everyday Matters in the Life of a Child:

Only one in three kids in Ontario receive services within the clinical standard, with the majority waiting almost three years to access services.

• At Lansdowne Children's Centre in Brantford that ratio is only one in four kids.
• Families are falling further behind and wait lists are longer than they have ever been.
• Long wait times and limited resources are not new barriers to timely care, but these barriers have increased significantly since the pandemic began.

It’s Time to Champion Children’s Healthcare:

• By acting quickly, we can stop children from suffering and start their healing.
• Children deserve a strong system of care that provides the care they need, when they need it, and where they need it.

Invest in their future. To learn how, CLICK HERE

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