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Michael Jacques at the Lansdowne Annual General Meeting, Updated

Updated: Jun 16, 2022


Thank you to Michael and Marcel for joining our meeting on Zoom. Your presentation was so inspirational and captivating.

We have shared the recording on our YouTube channel (link below) and look forward to having Michael Jacques join us in person one day soon for a full-length presentation complete with Q & A opportunity.


Canadian author of Can't Read, Can't Write, Here's My Book, Michael Jacques will join the Lansdowne Children's Centre Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 15th as our featured guest speaker.

Michael is a skilled public speaker and activist who at a young age was diagnosed with autism and an intellectual disability. He has authored two books, competed for Canada as Special Olympic athlete, is the board President of Community Living Ontario, and he was recently appointed by the Education Minister to MACSE (Minister’s Advisory Council on Special Education).

From his website,

His story demonstrates the empowerment that comes from being comfortable in your own skin, knowing your strengths, valuing relationships, and giving back to your community.

The annual general meeting is scheduled to begin at 3pm, hosted virtually on ZOOM for audiences to join from remote locations at their convenience. The presentation will include greetings from community leaders including MPP elect Will Bouma, Mayor of Brantford Kevin Davis, and Mayor of the County of Brant David Bailey.

The meeting will also provide the forum for Lansdowne Children's Centre to announce and recognize the 2022 recipient of the Terry Fisher Art Award. Named for a student who attended Lansdowne in the 1970s and 1980s, the award celebrates artistic contributions and achievements. Works of past recipients can be found on display around Lansdowne's Mount Pleasant Street site.

Everyone is welcome to join Lansdowne Children's Centre in this opportunity to celebrate our year's accomplishments, recognize the contributions of our staff, families, volunteers and community, and share our vision and goals for the year to come.


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