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New Electronic Health Record System, February 2024

Lansdowne Children's Centre will be implementing AlayaCare - a new Electronic Health Record system - as of February 5, 2024.

alayacare electronic health record system
AlayaCare is scheduled to be introduced at Lansdowne Children's Centre on February 5, 2024

A memo from Jennifer Huxley, Director of Client Services

Lansdowne Children’s Centre has been using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for longer than a decade. As times evolves, we need to keep current with all the systems we use. Therefore, we are moving to a “new” EHR as of Feb. 5, 2024. This system is called AlayaCare.

Alayacare is a program that was chosen because it best meets the needs of our families and our service providers.

AlayaCare meets our client record, security and privacy requirements.

All our staff have been working hard to learn this new system. Over the past few months, our Implementation Team of Superusers have been preparing for our transition to this new electronic health record.

These staff members, along with our Team Champions, have spent time further developing their own skills in using AlayaCare and training the other internal Lansdowne staff who will be using the system. Support Workers will also be trained in the use of AlayaCare.

What does this electronic health record update mean for our Lansdowne client families?

No worries. Your services will not be affected. The next time you receive a report it may just “look” a bit different.

Currently, some families receive email reminders of appointments. Unfortunately, this will stop as of the end of January but we hope to be able to re-start this process in the not too distant future.

Please be patient with our staff as we learn to navigate this new system in our efforts to enhance the experience of the families we serve here at Lansdowne.

Feel free to reach out to your Service Provider(s) or to myself, if you have any questions about the new EHR system, its impact on your service delivery, or service experience.

Jennifer Huxley,

Director of Client Services and Privacy Information Officer

Lansdowne Children's Centre

519-753-3153 ext. 217


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