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Wrestler Cody Deaner is INSPIRED TO INSPIRE

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Join us JANUARY 13th at 6:30pm when Canada's Top Professional Speaker / Wrestler CODY DEANER presents a fun event online in support of Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation. Enjoy it with your whole family...

Discover Cody's inspirational journey to becoming a professional wrestling champion, ask your questions and interact with Cody Deaner - PLUS - you have a chance to win great prizes!

Visit for more details and to register - Just $9.99 per family

Cody uses the power of storytelling to teach important life principles such as:

  • "You can be whatever you want to be... if you put in the work!"

  • "Positive motion creates positive emotion."

  • "You don't have to be in the 'BIG TIME' to make a BIG DIFFERENCE."

  • "Don't let the size of your town or others' expectations dictate the size of your dreams."

  • "We all have the power of influence. We simply need to choose to be a positive influence."

  • "Don't have a victim mentality. Focus on the positive rather than the negative."

  • "We can't all be the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, or the most talented... but we can all JUST GIV'ER!"

  • "Dare to dream BIG!"

Cody’s story involves struggles to overcome the temptations of drugs & alcohol while growing up with a home riddled with alcohol abuse and psychological disorders. It is a story of overcoming extreme adversity and the physical and mental hardships involved in making it in a world of giants, all while those around you tell you your goals are impossible.


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