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Brandt Group of Companies Joins Ride #ForTheKids

Brantford, ON - The Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation is excited to welcome Brandt Group of Companies as a new sponsor partner to the 20th annual Lansdowne Charity Motorcycle Ride. Brandt adds their support for the Ride #ForTheKids in honor of Lansdowne child ambassador Lexa MacMartin and family.

Lexa was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), and has already overcome two open heart surgeries. From only a few weeks old, Lexa has worked with Lansdowne Occupational Therapists to help her eat and drink safely. Lansdowne Physiotherapists have helped Lexa to strengthen her low muscle tone. Lansdowne Speech Team has helped Lexa communicate her needs and have collaborated with her school to create an accommodating experience where she can thrive.

Brandt, Thanks a Billion!

The #Brandt Thanks A Billion program supports communities by giving to organizations that Brandt employees and customers care about, currently contributing over $20 million to community programs. 

Thank you, Brandt, for your sponsor partnership and support of the programs and services accessed by nearly 4,000 infants, children, and youth who connect with Lansdowne Children’s Centre.

You are making a difference.

For more information about the Lansdowne Charity Motorcycle Ride CLICK HERE and Follow @CharityMotorcycleRide on Instagram, and @LansdowneCharityMotorcycleRide on Facebook.


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