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Get Loud For Lansdowne! Ambassadors Ready for Lansdowne Motorcycle Ride

Brantford, ON - You don’t have to like motorcycles to be excited for the 20th anniversary Charity Motorcycle Ride for Lansdowne Children’s Centre, but it’s a perk.

two young girls one in a wheelchair holding a sign for the Lansdowne Charity Motorcycle Ride outside Brimich Logistics warehouse in Brantford Ontario
Lansdowne Children's Centre Youth Ambassadors Autumn and Alexis McDermott Charity Motorcycle Ride usually prefer quieter activities, but they're ready to Get Loud! for the 20th anniversary Lansdowne Charity Motorcycle Ride

Lucas Cadet-Herchoder took to social media to share his passion for the annual Ride #ForTheKids saying, “It’s hard to find the right words for what an incredible event this is, because it’s just so special.”


Gearing up for his third motorcycle tour with the Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation, Cadet-Herchoder described the experience for would-be riders:


“So you’ll do the ride, you’ll touch down, and you’ll have had a nice breakfast. You’ll meet a bunch of great people and see their bikes. Hear some great music. See some great roads and scenery, and you’ll know in your heart that you’ve been able to help make a difference. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.”


The annual fundraising event was started over 20 years ago by Lansdowne volunteer Bob Caissie, who started the initial ride with a small group of 12 riders in support of Lansdowne Children’s Centre. Since then, the annual ride for the kids - Brantford's loudest fundraiser! - has generated over $1.2 million in financial support for Lansdowne Children's Centre child and youth programs.


In particular, rider fundraising helps to support Every Kid Counts, a recreation program that provides a Support Worker to children and youth with special needs (at no cost to the family) so that they can have equal opportunity to participate in local, community-operated programs with their peers.


“It’s giving kids a chance, which means it's giving them power.”

Sisters Alexis and Autumn McDermott have experienced the support of Lansdowne Children’s Centre, and taken part in many program opportunities made possible through fundraising donations.


As toddlers and young children, each of the girls participated in physiotherapy interventions, speech and language development, and occupational therapy. As young women, they now enjoy the social programs offered by Lansdowne’s recreation team, pursuing passions for art and nature in programs like “Artfelt Minds” and “Happiness Hikes”.


While their hobby preferences typically lean to more quiet and calm activities, the girls will be in attendance on Saturday July 6th as Youth Ambassadors for Lansdowne Children’s Centre, helping to start the parade of motorcycles that will tour Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk.


Asked what they wanted to achieve as youth ambassadors, Autumn declared that her goal is to raise awareness for children and parents to know where they can get help with disabilities; and Alexis wants to raise awareness of Lansdowne Children's Centre, to help people with wheelchairs and autism.



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