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Remembering Rick Sterne, Community Leader and Board Member

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

We are deeply grieved by the December 5th passing of Lansdowne Children’s Centre Board Member and 2nd Vice-President, Rick Sterne. Rick was also Liason to the Lansdowne Children's Centre Foundation board. 

Rick Sterne portrait lansdowne children's centre board member foundation liason

Rick Sterne's full obituary from the Brantford Expositor is available online, click here

Rick Sterne was involved in many community efforts that supported children and families in Brantford and beyond, and in his own words, was ”involved with Lansdowne in one way or another for nearly 50 years”.

Rick was a strong advocate for the expansion of Lansdowne as a regional entity across our catchment and the need for a new building in Brantford. He was instrumental in supporting the Lansdowne Foundation board as a Centre Board liaison. 

Our hearts go out to Rick’s family – his wife Jeanette, and his 3 children and all their families – and friends locally and in Rotary who are saddened by the loss of this community leader. 

Rest in peace Rick.


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