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Brantford Red Sox June 4, Lansdowne Appreciation Day at the Ballpark

Updated: Apr 18


June 4 Home Game Celebrates Children’s Centre Impact

BRANTFORD, ON - Arnold Anderson Stadium will welcome Lansdowne Children’s Centre staff and client families on Sunday June 4, when the Welland Jackfish roll into town to face the Brantford Red Sox in a matinee match.

Connie Pomerleau, co-owner of the Red Sox franchise, was all smiles while touring the grounds with Renee Cochrane, Lansdowne Family Engagement Coordinator, earlier this month in anticipation of the upcoming season.

"When I was approached by Lansdowne to partner with The Red Sox I was elated! I don’t think people realize the scope of what Lansdowne is all about and I want to help bring awareness because it is an AWESOME centre and I’m honoured to work together with them.

We’re very excited to partner with Lansdowne and bring the kids and families out to the ballpark. It’s a great opportunity to recognize the contributions that organization adds to our community, and all the support available to local children and youth and their families.

Pomerleau is personally familiar with programs and services offered by the Lansdowne children’s treatment centre, in Brantford.

My son had trouble with speech early on, we couldn’t get him to talk and we were referred to Lansdowne. I can’t emphasis enough how wonderful the therapist and curriculum was."

"I was allowed to sit in the room to watch the sessions - the teaching and resources they provided to help him learn to communicate was incredible. During our visits to Lansdowne I seen a lot of children there for therapy for various reasons and I realized at that time how wonderful it is that our community is home to such a great facility that does such great work."

The Arnold Anderson Stadium ballpark is located only a few blocks down the road from Lansdowne, behind Colborne Street off of Sherwood Drive. The parking lot and entrance gallery are ground level, with paved access to the concessions, washrooms and grandstand area. Lansdowne will host a grandstand along the third base line behind the home team dugout, with wheelchair accessible viewing along the fence line up close to the action.

“We toured the grounds to get an understanding of how our families could be accommodated. The ballpark is a great open space, with accessible washrooms and a kids play area. There’s a lot of opportunity for children of all abilities to enjoy the afternoon,”

shared Cochrane.

Lansdowne will be providing pre-registration to staff and client families to join the event, and will host a booth at the front entrance for participants to pick up their game day passes. The Lansdowne presence is also available for ballpark guests to learn more about SmartStart Hub services at Lansdowne Children’s Centre, and upcoming events presented by Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation.

In support of Lansdowne Foundation fundraising, the Brantford Red Sox will be providing vouchers for HALF-PRICE regular season tickets to 2023 home games for ballpark guests who make a donation of $5.00 or more to Lansdowne Children’s Centre Foundation at the game on June 4.

The half-price ticket cards will be available at the Lansdowne booth across from the concession area, and are another way this historic sports franchise is giving back to support children and youth in our community.

Said Pomerlau,