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Congratulations EKO Scholars, Two from Lansdowne Children's Centre

Brantford, ON - It is with great joy that Lansdowne Children's Centre participated in the presentation of scholarships from Empowered Kids Ontario (EKO) to two past youth clients.

Empowered Kids Ontario scholarship winners Keira Gayowsky and Josie Noue joined by Vinent Vilaca and Jennifer Churchill at the Lansdowne Children's Centre annual general meeting
Lansdowne Board Member and past EKO Scholarship recipient Vincent Vilaca joined EKO Director Jennifer Churchill to present 2024 scholarship winners Keira Gayowsky and Josie Noue at the 2024 Lansdowne annual general meeting.

Keira Gayowsky and Josie Noue, past clients of Lansdowne Children’s Centre who are pursuing post-secondary programs, each submitted an application and essay to the Empowered Kids Ontario Scholarship Program and were selected from a province-wide group of eligible candidates.

The EKO Scholarship Program empowers kids with disabilities and developmental differences with awards of $3,000 to support scholars pursuing their education goals and career dreams. The program is available to youth who have benefited from services and supports offered by an EKO General Member organization, like Lansdowne Children's Centre in Brantford, Caledonia, Dunnville and Simcoe.

Jennifer Churchill, CEO of Empowered Kids Ontario presented the awards to the scholars at the 50th anniversary Lansdowne Children's Centre annual general meeting on Wednesday, June 19th. "To have two winners from one organization, I don't think that's happened before in the history of this program. It's really special."

Lansdowne Board Member Vincent Vilaca, himself a past recipient of an EKO scholarship, was also on hand to present awards to the winning scholars and share in the celebration.

"I am very grateful to be here today, to help the next generation of young adults with disabilities have the same opportunities that Lansdowne and EKO afforded to me almost 10 years ago today."

Empowered Kids Ontario will formally share their full roster of scholarship winners in September, 2024.

Highlights from Jennifer Churchill's EKO Scholars presentation

... Keira Gayowsky

will be starting her studies this fall at the University of Guelph, in the honours co-op progam majoring in criminal justice and public policy. Keira has a comfort with public speaking, and has served as a Grand Erie District School Boad (GEDSB) student trustee, working to improve student inclusivity and accessibility. Her interests include travel, and experiencing unfamiliar cultures. Her goal is to become a lawyer, and a voice for those who need one.

... Josie Noue

has a passion for the animal kingdom. Her calling is to extend the empathy and care she has received in her life to animals. Josie will be pursuing veterinary sciences at the University of Guelph, an opportunity for her scientific acumen and dedication to animal welfare can merge. Demonstrating leadership skills, Josie has been an active member of student council, working to foster an inclusive and supportive school environment. Before each new school year she has fundraised for children in a rural area of Cameroon, providing school supplies and clean water fountains.


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